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Collaboration and shared responsibility are the foundations of our school governance and leadership model. We work with consensus within and across our three governance groups, the Board, College of Teachers and Administrative staff. We are committed to a transparent and cooperative process for all significant school decisions.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the legal and financial organization of the school.  The Board includes faculty, parents, guardians, and members of the greater community. If you have questions about the Board please contact either the Board President, Elizabeth Head, or Interim School Administrator, Knut Hill.

RSSAA Bylaws (Approved 5/2021)

For past Board minutes not listed here, please contact

College of Teachers

At Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, ultimate responsibility for all matters of pedagogy rests with the College of Teachers, a core group of full-time faculty and staff dedicated to the philosophical integrity and the long-term interests of the school. Any issue regarding curriculum, student learning concerns, etc., falls into the initial decision-making realm of the College of Teachers. The full faculty assists the work of the College as well as the faculty committees, which take their mandate from and report to the College.

Gary Banks - College Chair
Knut Hill - Interim School Administrator

Angela Gladstone
Anna Kamitses 
Anne Birney 
Calisa Tucker 
Erica Choberka  
Heather Lomason 
Noah Burns 
Perla Schaeberle  
Robert White 
Wendy Abate 
Yoni Paz 

Carrying Groups

Our faculty and administration work together in Carrying Groups that are responsible for managing the following PreK-12 processes with support from the College of Teachers and faculty: 

  • Employee recruitment, hiring, performance improvement and separation 
  • Student admissions, suspension, dismissal 
  • Crisis management, accidents, and safety issues

Early Childhood Carrying Group:
Sara Deon, Early Childhood Administrative Coordinator
Angela Gladstone, Early Childhood Pedagogical Coordinator
Wendy Abate, Early Childhood Faculty Chair
Knut Hill, Interim School Administrator

Lower School Carrying Group:
Kim Likosky, Lower School Coordinator
Perla Schaeberle, Lower School Faculty Chair
Knut Hill, Interim School Administrator

High School Carrying Group:
Heather Lomason, High School Coordinator
Alix Gaither, High School Coordinator
Noah Burns, High School Faculty Chair
Knut Hill, Interim School Administrator

Pedagogical Governance Model

The purpose of this document, reviewed and approved by both the College of Teachers and Board each year, is to clearly define the governance structure of Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor.

Pedagogical Governance Model PDF

Young children playing behind a child and adult holding hands
High School soccer game
Teaching talking with two students
Cheerful lanterns in window