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Having a child join our community always involves the parents in a number of meaningful ways, typically more so than at a public school. Many of our parents volunteer at events, help teachers, work in classrooms, and assist with fundraisers. Parents usually find these activities both rewarding and enriching; they become part of our extended family and make lifelong friends. While we recognize that everyone has different demands on their time and contributions to make, we need whatever you can give. There is no prerequisite other than your best intentions.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Community building through festivals and special events
  • Fundraising through benefit events
  • Parent education through lectures, classes, study groups and special presentations
  • General support of the school’s operations such as the library, building, grounds and gardens
  • Coaching or assistant coaching a sports team
  • Taking photographs to share on our social media
  • Being a guest writer for our Look A Little Deeper blog

Please let us know if there are areas where you would like to share your time and talents!  We'd be grateful for your contribution to our community.  Reach out to:

Early Childhood: Maegan Pierson
Grades 1-8: Kim Likosky
High School: Alix Gaither

Group of Students Outside School Building

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