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In addition to encouraging movement and play at all grade levels, our school offers organized athletic opportunities for students in Grades 4-12.  

"Thinking and learning are not all in our head.  On the contrary, the body plays an integral part in all our intellectual processes from our earliest moments in utero right through to old age.  It is our body’s senses that feed the brain environmental information with which to form an understanding of the world and from which to draw when creating new possibilities.  And it is our movements that not only express knowledge and facilitate greater cognitive function, they actually grow the brain as they increase in complexity. Our entire brain structure is intimately connected to and grown by the movement mechanisms within our body."  

Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head, Carla Hannaford

After-School Sports Club

The Sports Club is offered to students beginning in Grade 4.  It is an optional athletic program with a non-competitive atmosphere that helps to prepare students for competitive sports in the older grades.  The emphasis is on motor skill development; knowledge of concepts and strategies; and enjoyment from an athletic experience. Sports Clubs offered can include: volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, and circus arts.

Team Sports

Team sports can be a wonderful experience for students.  Lessons about persistence, effort and sportsmanship that are learned on the field can be carried into the rest of life.  Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor offers competitive seasonal sports for students in Grades 5-12.  Our program emphasizes healthy competition, teamwork and support, enjoyment, and physical development.

Middle School Sports Offered:
Fall: Co-ed Soccer, Girls Volleyball
Winter: Boys Basketball (Nov-Jan), Girls Basketball (Jan-Mar)
Spring: Track and Field, Co-ed Baseball

High School Sports Offered:
Fall: Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Cross Country
Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball
Spring: Girls Soccer, Boys Volleyball

Lower School

The Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor Lower School plays other independent schools and recreational teams.  In addition to regular games, all teams participate in a tournament during the season.  Sport seasons generally run eight weeks with an average of two games per week.

High School

Rudolf Steiner High School is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and the Mid-South Conference. 

Steiner Storm Philosophy

Our school takes great pride in its athletic teams and our small size allows any interested students the opportunity to compete in a varsity sport. Over 60% of our school population chooses to participate on a varsity sports team. That’s school spirit!

The goal of the Rudolf Steiner High School athletic program is to challenge each student to be the best he or she can be. Knowledgeable coaches vigorously teach the fundamental skills and strategies of each sport. A vital component of the program is the expectation to succeed, and the community, school, personnel, coaches and athletes all strive to excel. However, the program does not take a “win at all costs” approach. A healthy, competitive attitude is the goal for each student, and teamwork and peer support are integral to the athletic program. Rudolf Steiner High School is proud to be a “no-cut” Athletic Department. We believe that our “no-cut” policy aligns with our department philosophy about the benefits of participation in interscholastic athletics.

Being an athlete on a high school team requires dedication of time and energy. Learning to make a commitment to oneself and teammates is invaluable in a young person’s development. An athlete who never gives up, keeps trying and pushes toward achieving their personal best learns that true success is attained when a person is persistent in their thoughts, feelings and actions. Rudolf Steiner Storm teams exhibit exemplary sportsmanship and attitude, which have made a positive impact with opposing teams, officials and fans.

Girl Kicking Soccer Ball

Boy with Basketball

Cross Country Team Running

Girls Basketball Team

Boys with Soccer Ball


Girl Hitting Volleyball

Boy Soccer

Girl Long Jump