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    Adam Nemon ('03)

    Horseman, Veteran, Father
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    Bryan Thao Worra (LS '87)

    Poet and Community Activist
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    Gavin Chensue ('06)

    Research/Electrical Engineer
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    Erin Gold (`08)

    Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Project Management
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    Emily Mauntel ('15)

    Entrepreneur - Agribusiness
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    Angela Wiley ('12)

    PhD in Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS)
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    Kyler Wilkins ('09)

    Musician, Performer and Educator
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    Ashlea Walton ('01)

    Clinical Therapist
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    Nicolai (Nico) Eddy ('10)

    COO of Nala
  • Profile Photo

    David Myckowiak ('15)

    Video Coordinator for Vanderbilt Women's Basketball
  • Profile Photo

    Hannah Leabu ('16)

    Development Coordinator at University of Toledo
  • Profile Photo

    Benjamin Hadlock ('15)

    Business Consulting National Security
  • Profile Photo

    Emmeline Weinert ('10)

    Food Program Manager at Hope Clinic
  • Profile Photo

    Koji Vroom ('13)

    Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at UW - Osh Kosh

Alum Community

We welcome all alums, alum parents, former and current faculty and staff from Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor to join the Waldorf Alum Connect community.

Alums act as key ambassadors around the world and your endeavors can inspire our students and parents. Whether you are constructing a path in science, business, tech, public service, academia, or the arts, we want to help you stay connected with each other, the school’s mission, and Waldorf graduates everywhere.

The goal is simple: support Alums professionally and personally, and have fun while doing so.

 Waldorf Alum Connect community 

Join the Waldorf Alum Connect community to find networking opportunities within the wider Waldorf Alum community in North America. This is a great way to keep in touch and expand your networking circle!

Also, join us for special alum events like the Annual Reunion, keep us up to date on all your accomplishments, and follow us on our social media!

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