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We welcome applications from International Students for our high school program (Grades 9-12).  Studying in a country other than your own is a wonderful way to widen your horizons, increase fluency in another language, and forge lifelong bonds with others.  We are confident that our school will provide a rigorous academic curriculum combined with an American cultural experience.  Please note that we accept international students for grades below high school only when the student resides with at least one parent in the local area.
Please contact Brooke Pickrell, Admissions Director, for more information or to schedule time to visit the school. 


Our school does not have residential boarding. International students and their families are strongly encouraged to find their own host family for their time at school. Relatives and family friends are ideal. If you are unable to find a host family, we will assist in the process as much as possible by reaching out to members of our community, although housing cannot be guaranteed. When considering a housing situation for your child, remember that adolescents will need a warm, supportive situation with a family that plans to help your student adjust. There is often a monthly fee involved in hosting a student. In considering the best home setting for your child, please also consider the need for transportation to and from school.

English Language Skills

We do not require that students take the TOEFL, although if a student has taken it, we are happy to consider the results.  Students must be able to speak English well enough to do challenging academic work.  We will evaluate student’s proficiency through the application, recommendations, and the student interview, either in person or virtually (Skype, or the equivalent).

Application Process

To be considered for admissions, please complete our online application. The student portion should be hand-written by the student and uploaded. Please note that we do require all previous high school grades, transcripts, standardized test scores, and teacher reports, as well as recommendations.  Upon receipt of all application information, the Admissions committee will be in touch to set up time for an interview with the student.

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