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Grade and Middle School Extracurricular Activities

We offer organized extracurricular activities for our students in Grades 4-8.  In addition to those listed below, we will consider other possibilities if student and parent interest is sufficient.

After-School Sports Club

The Sports Club is offered to students in Grades 4-8.  It is an optional athletic program with a non-competitive atmosphere that helps to prepare students for competitive sports in the older grades.  The emphasis is on motor skill development; knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics; and enjoyment of an athletic experience.  

Middle School Clubs 

A variety of after-school clubs are offered each year for Middle School students.  The clubs are created each year to support the students’ interests and have included clubs for art, hiking, cooking, and sketching.

Robotics Club

Middle school students explore robot building and competing as members of the Robotics Club. The goal of the club is to encourage a love for technology and to give the students the chance to experience their visions becoming reality. Each year we enter the FIRST FTC competitions as the Steiner Steel Storm.  We join our alliance partners to see who can successfully complete the year’s challenge. Each team member chooses one or more areas to focus on during the season.  These can include learning how to write, test, and debug code, as well as design, build and drive our robot during the season. The club also joins the high school team and other robotics teams in workshops, camps, and build sessions throughout the year. The Robotics Club welcomes parent participation. Experience in robotics or technology is not needed and students, parents, and mentors become proficient as the season progresses.

High School Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of the high school experience as they allow students to explore their interests, delve deeply into something they already love, and try new things in a safe environment. Rudolf Steiner High School has a number of different clubs and new ones are created whenever a group of students are passionate about something. Besides our clubs, we have a strong athletics program that many students participate in.

Drama Club

Every fall the Drama Club produces a play or musical. Every student who wishes to participate can have a part in the production, and students are involved in every part of the production. Students from every grade act, build sets, design costumes, perform music or sound effects, act as stage manager, and operate the light board.

Model UN

Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor attends the Mid-American Model UN Conference (MAMUN) in Kalamazoo, Michigan each March. The club meets for the entire school year, giving students a chance to learn about the conference, the actual United Nations, the country they will represent, and dig into international issues. Two faculty advisors and one alum lead the club, encouraging students to think beyond the obvious and dig into why conflicts have occurred and how to find information on all sides of an issue. Older students mentor younger students and encourage them to really take up the cause of the country they are representing for the conference. We have represented a wide variety of countries including Cameroon, Algeria, Greece, Turkey, Russia, India, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Canada, and Germany, and we are regularly present on the Security Council.

Robotics Team

Our Steiner Steel Storm Robotics Team was started by a small group of high school students and has since become a strong club with another robotics club starting in the Lower School. The team is involved in every part of the process, building and programming their robot and going to regional events to compete. The team builds on high school classes in physics and programming to give students a chance to explore and experiment.

Hiking Club

The Hiking Club has two overnight backpacking trips every year, one in northern Michigan and one in the Smoky Mountains along the Appalachian Trail. The trips and regular training hikes give students the opportunity to develop outdoors skills. Older students act as student leaders and actively mentor and encourage younger students to develop their skills.

Community Service Club

Our Community Service Club is an active group that supports a wide variety of projects. The club is essential in supporting school-lead initiatives, as well as frequently pursuing student-driven initiatives that can range from local, to national and even international projects.


Since 1998, the high school has produced its own yearbook. Students are involved in the entire process, from being photographers, to creating pages, to finalizing the book for printing.

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club maintains a vegetable garden on our grounds, teaches students about how to develop their own gardens and skills, and encourages students to get involved in producing their own food.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club provides a venue for students to explore creative writing in a variety of forms, with support from their peers. Students are encouraged to develop their skills through constructive critique and a safe space to experiment.


The Debate/Economics Club combines the traditional form of a debate club with a venue to delve into the economic forms and structures that shape our world and its issues. This club is lead by an economics teacher and encourages students to think beyond the obvious and develop the skills to support their arguments with solid reasoning and research.

Improv Club

The Improv Club was started by a group of students enthusiastic about improv comedy and eager to improve their skills. They meet regularly to practice, and frequently perform at open mic nights and at all-school assemblies.

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