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Our Early Childhood program is a world where children enter a warm, natural environment full of activity and with the opportunity to let their natural capacities blossom. Teachers engage strongly with every child, helping each develop a voice in the class and creating a safe, nurturing environment for children to develop social, emotional, and physical skills.  

Playful Curiosity

Vitality and playful curiosity are fostered every day through outdoor exploration of the natural world. We offer time each morning in our fields and forest for our students to examine puddles and plants, to skip and dig, to play with new friends, and learn to negotiate and cooperate. While experiencing this relaxed immersion into the natural world, students begin acquiring the social and organizational skills necessary for lifelong learning.

Creative Play and Daily Tasks

As young children begin their education outside the home, social skills and care for their environment are among the first things parents want their children to develop. We help parents by giving their children the necessary tools to be considerate and caring during circle time and creative play, and when preparing nourishing snacks with their new friends.

Time for Wonder

Children delight in learning world literature through storytelling and puppetry in rooms filled with light and warmth. Language arts, mathematics, science, world languages, movement and fine arts are introduced in a manner that is natural, balanced and developmentally appropriate for children, laying a strong foundation for academic learning in the higher grades. The unhurried atmosphere in our Early Childhood program gives children time to integrate all of these new experiences.

For more information about how our curriculum meets the growing and future needs of the young child, please contact our Admission Director at or 734-210-1069.

Young Children Laughing

Child and Adult working in kitchen

Boy Finger Knitting