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Our middle school curriculum honors students’ whole experience of their expanding world and finding their place in it. Every aspect of learning is designed to stretch students to explore a topic through several modalities, thereby increasing the depth of learning rather than just a surface approach and memorization. This multi-faceted approach also helps students learn about themselves and their own learning style.

Our middle school students focus their studies through the Main Lesson, the cornerstone of Waldorf education. Main Lessons are taught in blocks based on one topic and usually last three to five weeks, for two hours a day.  Block scheduling allows teachers and students to intensively focus on a particular academic area.  Material is presented in various styles, allows for time to examine connections to other disciplines, and incorporates the arts.  Each day, in addition to the Main Lesson, students have classes taught by specialized subject teachers culminating in a fully-rounded education that develops the whole child.

Teacher with Boy and Girl

Chemistry Experiment with Teacher and Three Students

Black and White Drawing Project

Student Working on Textbook Drawing

Student helping Tune Violin