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Community lies at the heart of the way we teach and the relationships between our teachers, students and families. Our teachers stay with their class through the grades, helping to establish and maintain a classroom community as the students learn and mature. Every teacher develops a deep knowledge of how each student learns, and appreciates who each is as a person. Our grade school students move through their academic journey from this secure position, fully known and supported.

Our grade school students are engaged daily in a curriculum that highlights hands-on learning and seamlessly integrates academics and the fine arts. Each discipline enriches the other, deepening students' understanding of all subjects. In addition to science, math, history, and language arts, all grade school students participate in world languages (Spanish and German), vocal and orchestral music, handwork, and woodwork.

As the students grow and develop physically, and we help them to grow academically, we don’t lose sight of childhood. Outdoor recess twice a day at all ages lets our students imagine, play and move in the ways they need to be healthy and happy. Movement and hands-on learning opportunities are included throughout the day. Vibrant festivals bring the whole school together for seasonal celebrations and keep joy and spirit in the curriculum.

Teacher Helping Boy Student

Teacher Playing Banjo

Bee Keeping Lesson

Boy writing

Pastels Art

Teacher at Chalkboard

Grades Textbook

Girl Knitting