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Annual Fund

Donations to the Annual Fund are used for tuition assistance for our families and investing in essential professional development programs for our teachers. Each of us has a stake in our school’s success and your donation to the Annual Fund is vital.

As a parent, you see the value of an integrative curriculum that includes the arts and sciences. As a grandparent, you might resonate with the joyful festivals and class plays that bring generations together. As an alumnus, you can appreciate the teachers you had, the perspective a Waldorf education cultivates, and the possibilities for current and future students.

One-hundred percent participation from families, our Board, the faculty and staff is our primary goal and is vital to reaching our goals and also encourages major donors to support our vision and mission. 

When you consider your giving for the year, the Annual Fund giving source should be at the top of your list.


Annual Fund Progress Last 6 Years

Annual Fund contributions have continued to break records annually for the last several years in participation and amount raised. Last year, 98% of our parents participated in Annual Fund. Our goal is to continue to increase the Annual Fund in order to support more professional development requests from our faculty and the over $1.5 million in tuition assistance that 1/2 of our families depend. Expanding the support from alumni, grandparents and friends of our community is the path to growing the RSSAA Annual Fund.