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At Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, our philosophy is that young children learn best in a warm, homelike environment where the curriculum is imparted naturally through daily activities. Child-led, imaginative play is interspersed with rich and vibrant storytelling, gardening, the preparation of warm, nourishing food, and art activities. Our Kindergarten students form deep connections to each other and their teachers.

We offer a mixed-age, multi-year program for 3-6 year-old children

Play is central to the Waldorf Kindergarten program. Children develop creative thinking, problem-solving abilities and social skills through play and free exploration. Simple, natural materials encourage children to form their own games and stories. They experience the outdoors and nature through outdoor free play and morning walks in the woods on our campus.

Our language arts circle is the cornerstone of every day. Hearing stories told aloud and watching puppet plays cultivate the imagination and strengthen the ability to listen and concentrate. Poems and songs deepen vocabulary and lay the groundwork for later literacy. Twice a week the class enjoys participating in a German or Spanish immersion circle with our expert world language teachers. Students develop the foundations of mathematics naturally as they complete enriching activities like baking bread, playing counting games, and preparing and sharing daily snacks together. Through this sort of experiential learning, students develop a deepened understanding of numerical relationships. The children also engage in watercolor painting, handwork, and seasonal crafts.

Our first-grade readiness program, called Golden Eagles, works with our oldest Kindergarten students, giving them a strong bridge into the first grade and shaping the group into a cohesive class. The experience is designed to help children build and master some of the skills needed for the more rigorous Grade 1 curriculum.


We offer 4 (M-Th), and 5 (M-F) day options
Half day, Full day

Average Class Size


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