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RSSAA Green Transportation Week!

Transportation Clipart
October 15-19, bike, walk, carpool, kayak or bus to school! Join in the fun for the week! Explore alternate forms of transportation for your environment, community, and health!

5 Proven Benefits of Play

Kindergartners at play
"... at tender ages, improvisational pretend-play, not direct instruction, is what really feeds both language development and general knowledge, not to mention, again, kids' intrinsic motivation."

Developing Creative, Critical Thinkers

We integrate the arts with academic depth and rigor in an environment that helps foster the individual nature of our students.  Students are provided with the opportunity to take risks, think imaginatively, and embrace new opportunities with initiative, creativity, and resilience.  Graduates emerge with a strong sense of purpose, the ability to solve complex problems and the courage to meet the world.  Learn more here.
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