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You've made a great choice to look a little deeper at
Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor!


We invite you to explore our community and discover the benefits of our education.  By integrating the arts with academics, depth and connections are added to what otherwise might be seen as discrete subjects.  As you witness our students fully engaged with the curriculum and their classroom, you will discover how this approach makes our school such a unique place. 

Our academics are outstanding, but our programs offer so much more. We bring subjects to life and encourage debate. We use hands-on, practical experiences, trips, and internships to build confidence and competence.  As they move through the world, your student will not be asked what they memorized in school. They’ll be asked to imagine, analyze, create and collaborate.  We’re not just educating students, we’re helping develop young people who will change the world!

Group visits and tours are scheduled October through April so you can see firsthand the benefits of our enriched curriculum. Or, we invite you to contact us directly to schedule a private appointment.


Admissions Inquiry form 

Teacher kneeling on ground with two young students

Second grade class playing recorder

Teacher and students raising hands at front of classroom

Student lighting Bunsen burner with teacher in background