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This page is designed to provide you with the information you need to be fully informed as a community member – whether a parent, teacher, alumnus, or current student. If you have questions about items on this page, or would like to suggest additional documents that would be useful, please speak with the Coordinator of your campus.

November 2020 State of the School Video Presentation

November 2020 State of the School PDF


ParentSquare is the primary communication tool of our school and is used for both emergency and general school communications. All parents are automatically members of ParentSquare and will receive email messages from the school.  If you would like to be able to set your communication preferences, join ParentSquare groups, use signups, comment on posts, etc., you should register using the email or cell phone number you have on record with the school.  Here is a guide to get you started using ParentSquare.

Family Portal

The Family Portal is a secure, online resource giving you access to our searchable school directory.  You will also have the ability to update your personal contact information, complete yearly contract renewals and more through the Portal.  You can always access the portal through the link at the top left of every web page.  Please refer to the handbook for information on setting up your access.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is an optional resource point for student curriculum materials, generally used at the HS level.  Teachers will inform students if they are using the LMS and, if so, students should visit the LMS daily to see their upcoming assignments and access new materials or links.  Students can access the LMS through their Family Portal login.

This PDF explains the differences between the three systems and how they are used by the school.

All schedules, activities, references and resources are subject to change due to COVID-19 requirements.

School Calendars

Please see the online calendar for the most up-to-date information on all school events.
Academic Calendar 2021-22 - PDF version of school start and end dates and days off
Religious & Cultural Holidays 2021-22


2021-22 School Handbook
2021-22 PS LMS Family Portal Handbook


Learn more about our lower and high school offerings on our athletics page. Find full high school athletics information on the High School Resources page

Concussion Form
Grades 5-8 Athletics Consent Form

Young girl pointing at older girl

Teacher helping young student cooking

Collection of colorful crayons

High School Classroom

Teacher and student doing handwork

Students running track