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Our Outdoor Kindergarten offers children the opportunity to experience joy, wonder, and connection with nature as they splash in puddles, create play structures out of nature's materials, create a community garden with their class, collect acorns for potions, find a patch of moss on a dewy spring day, or feel the thrill of sledding in the winter. 

The class will spend their days enjoying our 13-acre campus and its many different spaces, from the wooded areas, to open fields, and playgrounds. They will experience hands-on learning and cooperation as they engage more with the birds, plants, and stones that inhabit our campus, and how we work in harmony with and support them. They will get to know the maples and oaks, garlic mustard and pawpaws, red-wing blackbirds and chickadees, and have the experience of seeing jack-in-the-pulpits in spring. 

The teacher will bring the richness, love and magic of a Waldorf mixed-age kindergarten, while developing resiliency, innovation and social/emotional skills. The observations and connections they make with nature and its resources will produce many life skills for the world ahead of them.  

Inclement Weather Disclaimer:
While our regular kindergarten programs promote a lot of outdoor play, this class will be structured to have stamina for really being in nature in all the elements of weather. Unless there is thunder, lightning, poor air quality, tornado warnings, or if the temperature is –5 or below, the expectation is that the children will be out in the weather. We will have a designated space for the children to be inside when they cannot be outside. 


4-day M-Th or 5-day M-F
Half day or Full day (Full-day students must no longer require an afternoon nap)

Age Requirement

4-6 years old

Average Class Size


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