RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

SCRIP and Business Partner Program

Scrip is substitute money in the form of gift certificates that are used just like cash. Nearly 500 national and local retailers participate in Scrip and donate a percentage of the total amount of your purchase to the non-profit organization of your choice.

In addition to regular gift certificates that you order online, rechargeable gift cards are available for purchase in the front office from four local grocery stores: Arbor Farms, Hillers, Busch’s, and Kroger. Purchase the card for $20 or $25 and then use it as a gift card.  When the card is depleted, add more money to it at the store using any form of payment. These are always kept in stock at the Lower School and the High School.

Families are encouraged to try the computer order placement system that is now up and running for our school.  All special orders need to be placed using this system. Scrip for local grocery stores can be ordered online as well.

To order Scrip online:

  • Go to shopwithscrip.com and register yourself using our school code of 75LBF72699L.
  • Place your order online by 11:00AM on Tuesday, print a copy of the order and give it to the Scrip seller or High school office with payment, or send it with payment to Martha Leabu, 6023 Winans Dr., Brighton, MI 48116.
  • Scrip will be ready to pick up at school on Friday of the same week.

Our Business Partners Give Back

When doing business with our Business Partners, please mention the Rudolf Steiner School. A donation will then be made to the school. Why you should consider utilizing the services of one of these partners?

  • Supporting an RSSAA Business Partner is good for our local economy.  We can make a difference, by shopping local, to the overall health of our city, our state, and ultimately our school.
  • It’s good for our bank account.  Every time you conclude a transaction with one of our Business Partners they in turn make a contribution to our school.
  • Dealing with a Business Partner helps make them aware of our school and encourages more business owners to set-up business relationships of their own.
  • It just feels good!  Many of our Business Partners are fellow RSSAA families whose generosity is rewarded when you support them.

Give it some thought and next time you make that all important purchase, be it groceries or a new home, please consider an RSSAA Business Partner first.

Our Business Partners: