RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

Lower School

Joyful discovery

Our Lower School students engage in joyful discovery daily through a curriculum that highlights hands-on learning and seamlessly integrates academics and the fine arts. Learning incorporates the magic of childhood through vibrant festivals, outside education and recess at all ages.

Integrated Academics and Arts

We know that a complete education doesn’t mean sacrificing one subject for another. Instead, each discipline enriches the other. By integrating the arts throughout our curriculum and throughout each day, our students achieve a richer, rounder view of the world, and a deepened understanding of academic subjects. All lower school students participate in an enthusiastic study of three foreign languages (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and German), vocal and orchestral music, handwork and woodwork in addition to science, math, history and language arts.

Caring Community

Community lies at the heart of the way we teach, and the relationships between our teachers, students and families. Our teachers stay with a class from grades 1 through 5, helping to establish and maintain a classroom community as the students learn and mature. Rather than a snapshot of where a child is at a given moment, our teachers have the benefit of seeing each moment as part of a continuum. Every teacher develops a deep knowledge of how each student learns, and appreciates who each is as a person. Each child becomes an integral part of the community, known, welcome and confident. And a confident, happy child is more prepared to learn and succeed.

Lower School Curriculum

Download the Curriculum Guide for Grades 1-8

For more information about how our curriculum meets the growing and future needs of children, please contact the Lower School Coordinator at 734.995.4141.