RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

Practical Classes


In the High School, gardening is offered as an elective in the eleventh grade year, and students are involved in the cultivation of the school grounds through regular all-school work-days. Ninth and tenth grade students participate in gardening activities as part of their movement classes in either the fall or spring of each year. In addition, there is an active Gardening Club, which tends to many of the school gardens.

Teachers: Erica Choberka


In ninth grade health, we explore the major principles of health. This course provides students with an overview of health starting with where they are as adolescents and extending into adulthood. The course is divided into three main themes: mental, social, and physical health. Both exercise and nutrition are covered under physical health. In addition, the topics of safety, addiction, drug education, and social media awareness are discussed. In tenth grade the topic is sexual health. In addition to discussing sexuality and relationships, we discuss pregnancy and STD prevention.

Teachers: Erica Choberka

Auto Mechanics

This course covers the basics of understanding the many systems of modern automobiles and their basic maintenance. The following topics are covered: engine, transmission, clutch, front and rear wheel drive, exhaust system, brakes, suspension, electrical system, tune-up, cooling system, heating and air-conditioning. The students observe or carry out an oil change, and participate in changing a tire and cleaning/polishing/waxing a car.

Teachers: Geoff Robb

College Preparation

College preparation at the high school is completed through a course and individualized counseling. The college preparation course focuses on planning for the SAT or ACT exam, developing a college list, and understanding the basic steps in college applications. The High School’s college advisor teaches the college preparation course in order to have a full picture of each student, their skills, and their aspirations.

Teachers: Siân Owen-Cruise