RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor


Fine Art

The High School art curriculum is arranged into five to six week blocks in which students take up specific artistic projects, introducing a wide range of media and techniques, and have the opportunity to work with a number of artists and material specialists as the four years are completed. The ninth grade art curriculum includes black and white drawing, monochrome painting with watercolor and tempera paints, the Egyptian, Indian, European and Mexican clay relief and sculpture, and printmaking. In tenth grade, the students take up ink and perspective drawing, veil watercolor painting, three-dimensional clay sculptures, wheel thrown pottery, and calligraphy. The eleventh grade art curriculum includes Impressionist painting, Dutch painting, and various ways of studying the human head, including drawing, painting and clay modeling. During the twelfth grade year students take up the creation of a large and individual mosaic project, develop their drawing skills through a variety of media as they draw the human body from live in-class models, and together take up creating a gift to the school that will remain in the building after they graduate. In recent years, projects have included large mosaic projects, murals on classroom and hallway walls, silk painting, and stained glass in clerestory windows. The annual senior year trip to Italy is also a key part of the twelfth grade art curriculum as students create sketch books, view art that they have previously studied, and study the historical and cultural context of the art.

Teachers: Elena Townsend-Efimova, Nataliya Pryzant, and Ricardo Capraro

Craft Work

The ninth grade handwork block is basket weaving, with round, square, and rectangular baskets. Ninth graders may elect to participate in a six-week woodworking block as part of their High School art curriculum, where the goal is to create a project that is both practical and beautiful. Tools used include the dovetail saw, coping saw, square gages, levels, and rasps. In tenth grade, students take two handwork blocks within the full art curriculum. They complete a silk painting class, and do a block of book-binding with four different book-binding techniques studied. The eleventh grade students expand upon their tenth grade book-binding experience when they complete a second book-binding block focusing on creating a leather wrap-around journal. In the twelfth grade art curriculum there are two craft or handwork blocks. The first is the creation a piece of stained glass. The twelfth grade year is ended with a block that focuses on the creation of the class gift, which often includes craft techniques.

Teachers: Nataliya Pryzant, Ron Zang