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RSSAA Library Program

The Rudolf Steiner School Library Program aims to foster a lifelong love of learning by providing students with creative venues and meaningful resources that enable them to explore and develop personal interests within the context of their Waldorf Education.

> Read about our library program updates, tips, and resources on the RSSAA Library Blog at http://rssaa-library.blogspot.com

RSSAA LIBRARY RESOURCES for students and community:

Library books and media resources are available to students and faculty at both the Lower School (LS) and High School (HS) campuses, with many collections searchable on the RSSAA Online Catalog (a library project in progress). We also welcome visits and inquiry from the RSSAA community at large, including parents who may use our collections for further enrichment of their family’s Steiner School experience.

> Browse and search many of our library collections on the RSSAA Online Catalog at http://www.librarything.com/profile/rssaa or try our new and user-friendly search catalog at https://www.librarycat.org/lib/rssaa.

RSSAA LIBRARIANS:  Karen Totten & Andrea Basso with Tim Schramm at the LS; Eileen Ho at the HS

Our school librarians work closely with faculty to develop Waldorf curriculum resources, schedule class visits, and tailor library programming for students. During the school year, librarians will monitor book circulation, host educational events and activities, maintain relevant reading collections and feature selections, provide support for basic student research, publish weekly announcements, and post program updates online.

> You can “Meet the Librarians” on the RSSAA Library Blog and also contact us with any library questions or comments by email at <librarians@steinerschool.org>.

The Ellie Klopp Memorial Library [Lower School Library]


The Ellie Klopp Library, named in memory of our school’s first librarian, is the school’s largest library with almost 6,000 titles available and shelved by type as follows:

  • READERS – easier books for those beginning to experience the joy of written words

  • PAPERBACK – chapter books, novels, and series for older readers (in lower and middle grades)

  • FICTION – hardcover fiction books and series for older readers (in lower and middle grades)

  • GENERAL – collection of non-fiction and literature (with call numbers based on a modified Dewey Decimal system) for all students to explore an array of subjects.


  • The Ellie Klopp Library is located in the West wing of the Lower School, just past the Gym.

    > Students, Teachers, and Parents are welcome to visit us during Open Hours.

  • The Book Return Box is located outside the E.K. Library door.

    > You can return library books here any time the Lower School is open, even if the Library is closed.

  • In the E.K. Library, there is a classic Card Catalog for patrons to use, along with an internet connection for librarians to access the RSSAA Online Catalog and other online resources.

    > If we don’t have what you’re looking for at school, ask a librarian about other possible book sources.


2017-18 Open Circulation Hours

Monday 1-3pm

Tuesday 10am-12noon

Wednesday 12:30-2:30pm

Thursday 1-3:30pm

(as posted or also by appointment & Return Box is always open!)

The Lower School Library opens for the 2017-18 school year on the week of September 18th, 2017.

  • The E.K. Library is generally open for circulation on Monday through Thursday afternoons, whenever the Lower School is in session.

    > Updated library hours and dates will be posted (at the Library and in weekly RSSAA announcements).

  • During open hours, a librarian will be available on site to monitor and assist patrons.

    > Contact us off-hours by leaving a note at the LS Office or emailing us at <librarians@steinerschool.org>


  • Librarians will review and monitor proper checkout procedure with students (i.e. sign and turn in the Book Title card and replace with a Due Date card).

    > Every library book is labeled “Please return to: Rudolf Steiner – Lower School Library” on the front cover.

  • Students may have up to two books checked out in their name (parents and teachers may request additional books) which will be recorded on their Borrower card filed at the E.K. Library.

    > You can ask a librarian to check your Borrower card for titles and how many books you have checked out.

  • Books borrowed from the E.K. Library must be returned to the Library or Return Box, or renewed with a librarian, on or before the next Thursday Due Date.

    > Find the exact due date on the pocket card inside the book’s back cover.

  • Periodic notices will be issued to borrowers for any overdue books checked out in their name. Borrowers may not check out new items until all overdue books are returned, and those who have received at least three overdue notices on a book will receive a phone call or letter of inquiry to parents from the library staff.

    > Remind students to look for library books in the classroom, desk, locker, backpack, car, or rooms at home.

  • Books which have been damaged or lost will be billed to the student’s family at replacement cost, and borrowing privileges will be suspended until fees are paid.

    > Your lost book fee may be refunded if the item is returned in good condition by the last day of school.


  • Love books and enjoy spending time in the library? Be involved, gain skills, and learn more about your school library resources! We invite interested RSSAA students (Grade 6+) and/or parents and community members to volunteer at the Ellie Klopp Library.

  • Volunteer as you’re available, even for 15-30 minute sessions, during open hours or after school.

  • Training will be provided (no experience necessary) for tasks such as shelving or organizing books, working with the library catalog, or other volunteer jobs we have identified.

    > Please contact a librarian with any questions or to discuss your interest and availability to volunteer.

The Early Childhood / Parent Library [at the Lower School]

This lovely collection of books and periodicals, especially relevant for Steiner School parents, is available to the community on Tuesdays 8:30-10:00am (during Coffee Hour or Craft-Tea Group) in the Multipurpose Room at the west wing of the Lower School, or by email/message request online.

> Find children’s picture books and resources on child development, parenting, and Waldorf Education topics (such as crafts, festivals, food, song and stories) here.

RSSAA Library Resources at the High School:

The Meagan Margerum-Leys Memorial Library [in the Stone House at the HS]

A wondrous collection of books and archives is shelved at this Stone House Library for student and faculty/staff use, along with a computer station and space for small group meetings or individual study. This library was dedicated on March 16, 2005, in memory of Steiner student Meagan Margerum-Leys on the date of her golden birthday (see http://www.meaganscorner.org).


Collections of book and media resources used by various HS classes include these subject areas:  Art, English Literature, History (American and World), Math, Music, Sciences (Physical and Life), and World Languages (German, Spanish, Chinese).

COMPUTER LAB [in the main HS building]

Multiple desktop computers with high speed internet access and a printing station are used in the Computer Lab for the Computer Science program classes as well as individual and group research activities, and even video games in their spare time with the use of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boosting guide that are offered online.

COLLEGE PREP RESOURCES [on the HS Coordinator’s Shelf]

Students and parents can borrow from a collection of College Planning resources including books on standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, AP, etc.), college choice, financial aid, and the admissions process.

BOOK NOOK [in the HS Commons]

An eclectic collection of literature and popular fiction is shelved in a cozy corner of the Commons and is available for student browsing and self checkout. Cards and board games are also stored here for play during lunch and free time before or after school.

RSSAA Library Program ONLINE:


The RSSAA Library Blog


Read our Blog for Library Program updates, tips, and resources for the RSSAA Community!


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Building our online catalog of book collections on both campuses is an ongoing project.


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