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Whenever I share an article with parents, it is first and foremost only there to serve the family in any way they see fit. I believe there are some basic foundational pillars that hold up Waldorf Education and beyond that there is so much freedom! Our family lives are far too complex and diverse for me to ever suppose or assume to have the right answers. Aside from my training, I have my own experiences in the class and with my own children which at times humble me and make me realize how much I am still learning!

We are in this together, teachers, children, parents and administration. We need each other and I have total respect for the various paths we are on. Our school provides a space that is a manifestation of Waldorf Education delivered in the best possible way. Your home lives may be different from or very aligned with what we are doing. We are here to support you on your family’s journey with ideas and tools that may work for you.

I have never been more honored than when a parent tries something I have suggested and they share that it actually worked!

Yes, we know Waldorf Education and we bring it to your children in the school setting every day. But we are partners with you, dear parents, who know your children better than anyone on this earth. We are here to listen to you and support you and your beautiful children. These articles are here for you if you need them. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.  I choose articles that touch on various themes that relate to common questions I get from parents. Some have differing approaches, but they are usually quite interesting or thought provoking. Other articles are informative and in a more research based way, support the education we bring your children each day.  I hope you find what you need here and I also welcome your suggestions.


Wishing you all the best,

Maggie Crawford

Early Childhood Coordinator



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