High School Resources

Rudolf Steiner High School is proud of the robust and vibrant high school experience we offer our students.  The below sections offer information about day-to-day life and the additional opportunities available.

If you can’t quickly see what you need, or have questions that are not answered by these resources, please call the High School front office at 734-669-9394, or email hsofficemanager@steinerschool.org.

If you have ideas about additional resources that would be useful to have here, please let the front office know and we will do our best to add them.

Practical Details

International Exchange

Many High School students participate in an international exchange during their sophomore or junior years. The information on this page is designed to help your family consider the possibility of exchange and to find the necessary paperwork once the decision to take an exchange is made.

Before students can go on an international exchange they have to meet with the High School Coordinator and be approved for the exchange. We determine that they are academically prepared to miss a significant part of the regular curriculum, and that their language skills are sufficient for the challenges of living in a non-English speaking household. Therefore, please schedule a conversation with the HS Coordinator as soon as possible after you begin to seriously consider the possibility of exchange.

High School Trips

High School Clubs and Activities

The High School has a multitude of Clubs and Activities and this page is designed to get you the information you need to fully support your student’s participation.

RSHS is always supportive of new, student-driven clubs and activities. Please contact the High School Coordinator to discuss possibilities.

College Guidance

These resources are designed to help answer your questions about key steps and offer important online resources for testing and applying for financial aid for college. However, they don’t replace the important conversations and individual support work that each student needs to make this process as positive as possible. So please, don’t hesitate to call or email Laura Shope, HS Coordinator, at 734-669-9394 or lshope@steinerschool.org to set up an appointment.


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