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Americans Show Overwhelming Support for Arts Education

In a national survey, "nine in ten believe it is important for students to receive an education in the arts, including dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts. This remains true whether asked about elementary school (94 percent), middle school (94 percent), or high school (93 percent) education."
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Debunking the Belief that Sitting Equals Learning

Today we have research showing that the more senses used in the learning process the higher the percentage of retention...Additionally, we have research showing that the brain is far more active during physical activity than while one is seated.
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The Humanities Are Becoming More Important. Here's why...

The pragmatic, empirical disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as business, have risen to prominence. They have been hived off the traditional, all-purpose liberal arts education, which was designed to prepare students for full participation in the adult world. The tide now appears to be turning, as it becomes clear that essential skills enable us to adapt and thrive in our rapidly changing world and bring the technical skills to life.
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5 Proven Benefits of Play

"... at tender ages, improvisational pretend-play, not direct instruction, is what really feeds both language development and general knowledge, not to mention, again, kids' intrinsic motivation."
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