RSSAA Green Transportation Week!

Here are some ideas and resources to help you try green transportation – see what works for your family.

1. BIKE:
  • Bring your bike, or even just your bike helmet, to a FREE Bike Repair and Safety Information session, just after school in early October – watch for updates on the school calendar and website.
  • Join up with others biking to the Lower School - meet at the entrance to Wines School at 7:50 am (If you need to drop off your child, please only use the Wines overflow parking lot, or better yet, bike with them to the meeting point or all the way!)
2. BUS: Check out bus routes at
  • The # 33 bus drops off and picks up right in front of the Lower School at 8 am and 3:30 pm and you could join it anywhere along its route through northwest Ann Arbor. Routes 22 and 63 drop off and pick up on Pontiac Trail in front of the High School.
  • To join up with others who ride the bus to the Lower School campus from downtown Ann Arbor, meet up at the Blake Transit Center Fourth Ave. stop (corner of Liberty and S. Fourth St) before 7:45 am.
  • After school, your child might be able to ride the bus home with a friend - or take the bus downtown and meet you for pick up at the downtown public library.
3. WALK:
  • If you live close to school, or can drop off at a friend’s house who does, your children can enjoy a walk to or from school.
  • Use our Community Map to find families near you and arrange carpooling or to participate in some way together. Forge new partnerships!
Join in the fun for the week! Explore alternate forms of transportation for your environment, community, and health! Parents, please review safety precautions with your children. We want everyone to arrive safely!
If you have time to support Green Transportation Week, please sign up as a parent volunteer. Email: Holly
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