Supporting One Another As We Return to School

Because students need to be engaged actively so their social-emotional needs are met as much as their academic needs, we are working hard to plan a robust return to school. Mindful of the critical need to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we are reconfiguring buildings, routines, cleaning and staffing with the intention to safely allow students on campus five days each week.
If required, we are ready to accommodate remote learning as quickly and effectively as we did last spring, both across the school and for individual school families who are unable to be on campus. The goal has always been to make this amazing education accessible to every family who wants it and that still holds true, even in a pandemic.
We know these are new and unsure times. Our Community Compact encourages all families and employees to: 
  • Practice patience, this is new for all of us
  • Follow health department and state guidance
  • Refrain from judgement of others' decisions or situation
  • Consider how our personal choices may open up risk and impact others more than usual
  • Share when things aren't working and ask for support if needed
We also recognize the financial turmoil this situation has caused for many and are ready to offer assistance to qualifying families.  Visit our admissions page, we'd love to hear how we can help.
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