RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor


RSSAA is a community where cooperation and collaboration between parents, teachers and staff, out of mutual respect, create a supportive educational environment.  Our community is a child-centered culture that embraces active parent involvement, openness, economic and social diversity, consensus and teamwork.

Families, teachers and administrative staff share the responsibilities and rewards of participating in our school community.  Parents play essential roles as advocates for their children and partners in enriching our community with their ideas, interests, talents, resources and concerns.

Parent Council

The Parent Council works together with the Board of Trustees, faculty and administration to help create a thriving, cohesive community. Collectively, we reach out to the greater community to support the growth and potential of our school, guided by the principles of Waldorf Education.  All parents are welcome and meetings are held once a month, usually the first Saturday of the month.

PDF Parent Council Charter

Parent Evenings

Parent evenings are scheduled throughout the year in every K-8 class and are organized by the class teachers.  This valuable time together is used to share information with parents about the curriculum and to discuss any concerns that parents might have about life in the classroom for their students, or general questions about the school program.

The High School schedules two parent potluck evenings every year. Parents then divide into class groups for discussion of curriculum, extra-curricular and social issues relevant to their students’ grade. Class meetings are chaired by High School faculty and staff.

Weekly Announcements

This weekly publication is our principal vehicle for communication with parents. If you would like to place something in the Announcements, send an email to:  announcements@steinerschool.org.


We invite parents to serve on the Board of Trustees and school committees, to help in the classrooms and with community events, and to coach one of our athletic teams.  Parents receive a volunteer sheet with each year’s student contract.


Several seasonal celebrations during the year are carried by specific classes with help and consultation from the Faculty Festivals Committee.

Room Parents

Room parents offer a great service to PreK-8 teachers, other parents and the entire school community in their work to coordinate various activities and dispense information.

Early Childhood Parent Social Group

In order to support new families and help cultivate deeper parent and teacher bonds, the EC has formed a parent social group. Brunch and dinner outings are just some examples of how this group creates connections. For more information, parents can reach out to their EC teacher.

Study Groups

Study groups are offered at various times depending on parent interest.  Faculty members facilitate some of the study groups; parents facilitate others. Discussion topics vary.