RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

International Exchange

The High School believes in the benefits of study and residence in a foreign country. We offer our students the opportunity to experience a foreign culture directly though our exchange programs with other Waldorf and Steiner schools abroad. Students who go on exchange develop fluency in their destination language, and are immersed in another culture. Those students who go on exchange usually find it to be a unique and extremely valuable experience. We have a long history of exchanges with German speaking schools in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and have recently developed contacts for exchanges with schools in Spain and South America.

International Students

Our school values its International population and strives to both educate and learn from our diverse student population blending cultures educationally, socially, and artistically into our program. We regularly have international students from Asia, South America, and Europe. We offer an English Language Learning class to support our international and exchange students in developing and strengthening their English skills.