RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

High School

Exceptional Academics

Our exceptional college preparatory curriculum develops strong thinkers. The Rudolf Steiner High School of Ann Arbor (RSHS) curriculum exceeds the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum in all areas. Every one of our students graduates with a full and balanced credit load of five years of laboratory science, four years of mathematics and English, three years of history and social sciences and four years of art, music, choir and world language. The depth and breadth of their studies during high school leaves them uniquely prepared for the challenges of university work.

Outstanding Faculty

Our greatest resource is our experienced and talented faculty who continually challenge and inspire our students to draw upon their full academic talents, intellectual gifts and personal strengths. The heart of the RSHS experience is the authentic and meaningful relationship that our faculty develops with each and every individual student, supporting them in their growth toward adulthood.

Strong Welcoming Community

High school is more than just a time for academic growth. At RSHS students are part of a strong and caring community where they can flourish as independent learners, developing adults and young leaders. Offering a full array of extracurricular activities, from competitive sports to Model United Nations to yearbook club, and regular school social events like dances and open mic nights, our staff and faculty shape a caring and supportive community where all students can find their place.