RSSAA - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

Kindergarten Program

Children under the age of six or seven learn primarily through imitation and activity. Thus, in our kindergarten the children engage in creative play with home activities and with simple, natural materials that encourage the imagination.

Rhythms of the seasons and festivals are woven into the daily activities. Kindergarteners start each day with a walk through the woods surrounding the campus. Through each season, they experience the natural wonders surrounding us. Upon returning to the school, the children gather for “morning circle,” singing and moving together with circle games, and seasonal poems and stories. There is a time to listen and watch as the teacher tells a fairy tale or nature story or presents a puppet play.

During free time, the children enjoy the use of various handmade, natural fiber toys and costumes. Each day highlights a special artistic activity such as watercolor painting, crayoning, beeswax modeling and eurythmy. A wholesome snack and outdoor recess are also part of the daily rhythm.

Kindergarten Morning Program

All Week

4 yrs by Sept. 1st 5 mornings


8:30 to 12:15

Full Day Program

All Week

4 yrs by Sept. 1st 5 full days


8:30 to 3:00
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