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New RSSAA Middle School Building – Grand Opening September 2016

Posted: Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
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Middle School can be a most exciting and transformative period in a child’s life! At the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, these are years to be celebrated. The RSSAA Middle School curriculum expands students’ horizons rather than channeling them into a narrow focus.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and connected. Students stretch their considerable observational skills through hands-on, experiential scientific studies, discovering universal laws underpinning the world around them. Examining the past, through the study of Rome to the cultural blossoming of the Renaissance, leads students to discover the rich interplay and influence of the arts and technology on human society. Exploring three world languages opens the window on diverse cultures and the wider world. Math leaves the sphere of the theoretical as students explore geometric constructions and patterns in art.

At RSSAA, we know that a complete education doesn’t focus on the intellect alone. All our students go beyond a standard education with our curriculum’s rich opportunities in the Arts, Music, Handwork and Woodworking. Every student plays an instrument in our orchestra, sings in the chorus and takes part in a theatrical production each year. In addition to regular art instruction in painting, drawing, clay modelling and sculpting, art is woven throughout the curriculum. In Handwork and Woodworking our students design and create lasting, beautiful objects with practical uses.

As our students stand at the cusp of a new stage in their lives, we offer a unique curriculum designed to educate the whole person. We prepare our students to be joyful, lifelong learners who see the connections between disciplines, understand the value of working together, and look beyond the surface. Our students are prepared for the 21st century with an education that doesn’t just teach a set of facts; it teaches students to love learning.

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